Mark-To-Market Quanto

By ‘Mark-To-Market’ I mean cross-currency swaps with resetting notionals. As far as I know, many cross-currency basis quotes are meant for this type of swaps rather than for constant notional ones.

One┬ámay decide to value all the cash-flows only with yield curves and simply bootstrap the cross-currency curve under this assumption. But in principle there should be a quanto in the pricing of such swaps, and I’d expect to need a hybrid FX-IR model to calculate it.

Has somebody seen that done somewhere, or is this issue always handled by a simple quanto-less bootstrap?

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  1. krastyu May 16, 2016


    about the Quanto adjustments for the MTM XCCY swaps, I think that M Fujii has modeled it in his dissertation (if I remember correctly).

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    • sebgur November 12, 2016

      In “A Note on Construction of Multiple Swap Curves with and without Collateral”, Fujii et al. show where the quanto comes from and give a brief idea of what the correction would look like. But it doesn’t look to me like it’s a full modelling.

      I’ve looked at it at the equation level and I think they’re right, it’s proportional to the tenor basis. But on top of that, the model-dependent component is proportional to the rate, so not modelling it only neglects a term of order rate x basis, which should be quite small.

      I now know of one company that is modelling it, but they’re saying it’s indeed quite small.

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