Quick Start

The first time you run the application you will be prompted for a basic set-up. This first configuration can be modified later, see configuration page for more explanations. The application runs with a database behind and can be checked for consistency at the first run using the regression.

Functions can be found on the left vertical menu and are launched as tab in the main tab area. Tabs can be reordered or detached. Such functionalities include single trade pricing as well as scenario loop pricing.

Tip! Creating new items (curves, trades, etc…) is most easily achieved by opening an existing item of the same or similar type and doing ‘Save As’ under a different ID. For most object types it is the only possible method, outside of directly manipulating the XML database which we do not recommend.


We also provide an Excel addin with worksheet functions typically designed to handle Mathematical functions and closed forms. They can also be used as helpers (including macros) to upload data to the database shared with the Windows application.